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We offer a variety of formats, 0.5 liters tarrine to take away, ideal for gourmet establishments, 2.5 liters for coffee shops and small ice cream shops, 4 liters square bucket for restaurants and 6.5 liters mountain bucket for ice cream shops.



You can't buy happiness
but you can buy ice cream

In Fred I BO we manufacture ice cream in an artisanal way, paying special care in the combination of ingredients, which has led us to become ice cream masters. We elaborate and distribute artisan ice cream in Mallorca. We offer advisory services in everything related to the world of ice cream, from how to treat the product and combine it with posts to advise on choice of cold machinery for your establishment.

About us

Mallorquin artisan ice cream

Fred i bo is a young company but with a lot of experience. Our ice cream artisans have more than 40 years of experience. Our artisan ice cream is made with milk and cream of the Balearic Islands, it is elaborated with high natural quality ingredients which enhance the taste of our ice cream. We are located in Sa Pobla.

We carry out the entire elaboration process, from the selection of optimal ingredients for each flavor, the pasteurization process, the maturation of the ice cream in special tinners, steering the ice cream to give volume and texture, until immediately freezing it to -25º to keep it in optimal conditions. Thanks to all this we can get a quality artisan ice cream that keeps all its qualities.

To make ice cream, we use as a cream and milk from Mallorca which gives us a healthy, nutritious and maximum quality product. We flee from the use of vegetable fats or hydrogenated fats, and instead we empel the natural fat of milk and cream.

Our artisan ice cream is produced integrally in Sa Pobla, Mallorca. When have the chance, we use local seasonal product. We support the local product.

We elaborate artisan ice cream with low sugar content in order to enhance the natural flavor of our ingredients. We offer a healthy and nutritious product.

Points of sale

You can buy Fred i bo artisan ice cream of 0.5 liter, in establishments with the icon Establecimiento Venta medio litro. You can also try our ice cream at ice cream shop that are our customers Heladeria

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If you want artisan ice cream in Mallorca and you are an establishment of hospitality, ice cream shop, restaurant, small trade or similar and want to sell our ice cream, get in touch with us;).